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  • Orabloc Articaine HCl 4% Epinephrine
  • Sold By: iSmile Dental Products
  • Ships from: California

Orabloc Articaine HCl 4% Epinephrine

50/ pk, 1.8ml cartridges

Our Price : $42.00 - $42.00  $58.99

Everything you expect from articaine with epinephrine, and what makes ORABLOC produced aseptically:

• rapid onset of anesthesia from 1-9 min,

• very low content of degradation products generated in the production process such as articaine acid and epinephrine acid,

• less degradation of epinephrine during aseptic produkcjidodane only 10% admiaru epinephrine compared to 15% in other anesthetics,

• shelf life of 24 months at room temperature

• a stable pH of the solution (necessary to reduce soreness injection) during the life of the product - in the production of aseptic pH change does not occur,

• antioxidants smaller decay (in the solution to protect epinephrine from oxidation) during the lifetime of the product,

• retained the properties of rubber pistons and plugs in cartridges (do not act on it a high temperature at the final stage of production).

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Item # Type Price Quantity
10-0280 1:200,000 $58.99
10-0275 1:100,000 $58.99

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• Anesthetic and x-ray film cannot be returned if they are opened under any circumstances.
• Special order items are not returnable.

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Orabloc Articaine HCl 4% Epinephrine

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